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OPS CIS has the experience needed to provide exceptional private investigator surveillance services that are unsurpassed in the industry. We blend together both experience and cutting-edge, 21st-century technology. We utilize a nationwide encrypted radio network, so our team can communicate in real-time and maintain a constant visual of our surveillance targets. When appropriate, we blend our surveillance with a company-owned surveillance drone with a trained FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot/Investigator that supports ground operations from up the air. This allows us to always maintain visual surveillance on our targets regardless of the target's driving behavior, traffic, or other obstacles that would hinder the surveillance operation.

The professionals at OPS CIS LLC are surveillance specialists and utilize their years of undercover police work where they worked in teams to apprehend some of the most dangerous and violent criminals on the streets. Now these skills which have been honed over the years are put to use to provide discrete and professional services for our clients where the target never even knows they are under surveillance.

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Check out our blog called "Surveillance Done Right" for additional information.


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