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Everything you wanted to know used to exist on a piece of paper somewhere in a filing cabinet, a desk drawer, or even a storage box. Today, most important data is electronically stored. The trick is that sometimes those electronic devices are under your direct control, but sometimes that data is on servers miles away. Getting the data when you need it and keeping that data away from people who shouldn’t have it is the purview of digital forensics.


OPS Consulting and Investigative Services (OPS CIS) is the premier digital forensics company in Phoenix. Our investigators are highly trained with experience in law enforcement and military agencies. We leverage that experience in partnerships with the premier digital forensic labs in the country to ensure that we have the tools and skills to help you achieve your goals. Our digital forensics company in Phoenix operates with the highest levels of discretion. All new clients are screened against our company to ensure we don’t create any conflicts of interest. All of our investigators at our digital forensics company in Phoenix operate confidentially and use the latest encryption in both communications and when storing data regarding your case.


We can help keep your data secure. We investigate data breaches, provide forensic accounting, and perform online investigations to defend our clients from things like cyber harassment, spyware, and hacking. In addition, when trouble occurs, we can also provide the tools and resources to help collect data to rectify issues such as HIPAA violations, child custody issues, disgruntled employees, IP theft, and more. Combining our skills and experience, our Phoenix forensic accounting experts can often recover important data and let you know if anyone else has access. We also create the necessary electronic record and provide expert testimony for issues that end up in a court of law.


If you need forensic accounting, contact Phoenix's top digital forensics company today. We will listen to you and help guide you to solutions.

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