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OPS CIS understands the imbalances that often occur within the criminal justice system. Our team not only has 100 years of combined law enforcement experience, but the company president also holds a Juris Doctor (a law degree) from an American Bar Association accredited law school [1].

Our former law enforcement officers turned private investigators are firm believers in due process and that every police officer has an obligation to treat citizens with dignity and respect and conduct a thorough investigation. Having firsthand experience as cops, we know firsthand that this does not always happen. Sometimes, there was another witness who should have been interviewed, or the police simply make a careless mistake. Unfortunately, to a person charged with a crime, those mistakes can have long-lasting negative impacts on that person's life.

Many OPS CIS private investigators have served as police supervisors, detective supervisors, union representatives, special agents, on specialized federal task forces, and have countless specialized training. This means we have reviewed thousands of police reports and know when an officer has not done a thorough job, violated policy, or missed something. We work with both individuals and criminal defense attorneys to help obtain justice for our clients.

Let our private investigators help review your case and investigate anything that may have been missed that may prove your innocence.

[1] LEGAL DISCLAIMER: OPS CIS LLC IS NOT A LAW FIRM. OPS CIS LLC personnel are NOT licensed attorneys and the use of the term "J.D." is an acknowledgment of completion of a law degree only, not an authorization to practice law. The use of the term "J.D." is not intended to induce others to believe that the person or entity is authorized to engage in the practice of law in this state or any other jurisdiction. The information contained in this website or any attachment(s) is not intended to be legal advice and is intended to be for general reference purposes only.

Do not confuse general reference materials with specific legal advice. You should always consult an attorney for specific legal advice regarding your individual situation.


OPS CIS knows that those facing criminal charges have many expenses, so we often offer affordable payment plans for our clients because we believe that everyone, regardless of income level, should be entitled to a quality defense and level playing field. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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