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You run a respectable business. You pay your employees good wages, and everything is fine, except, it might not be. Time theft is a common problem among many businesses, even in Phoenix. Unfortunately, it can be hard to detect, especially since you can’t actively watch everyone all of the time. You have a business to run, and almost all of your employees are doing the job they are paid to do.


For companies in Phoenix, time theft can occur in many ways, such as employees taking breaks that are longer than reported, or coming in late or leaving early without making up the time or receiving approval from management. The most flagrant forms of employee theft involve the employee being away from their job for hours, or not coming in at all. The worst part is that, if the employee is on the clock, you may be liable for their injuries if they get hurt, even if they were kite surfing when they were supposed to be readdressing returned mail.


In today’s litigious society, firing someone on a hunch is a foolish invitation for a lawsuit. Even worse, you don’t want to lose a good employee over a misunderstanding. You need facts. You need proof that will stand up in court. That’s where OPS Consulting and Investigative Services (OPS CIS) comes in. We offer corporate surveillance services in Phoenix, a specialized form of investigative services. At OPS CIS, our investigators are highly trained, most with law enforcement or military backgrounds. With access to industry-leading technology, including drones, digital optics, hidden cameras, listening devices, and more, we can do what you can’t—be everywhere at once.


OPS CIS is dedicated to providing the Phoenix area with corporate surveillance and professional investigative services, providing useful results with the utmost discretion. We ensure there are no conflicts within our organization before taking on any client, and then we use state-of-the-art encryption both on the data we collect and in our communications. We can keep an eye on one employee, 20, or all of them. If there is nothing to find, we will let you know confidentially, so you can keep your employees’ trust. If we discover an employee is stealing from you, we will document the time theft with the type of evidence that will stand up in court, all collected by employees who are willing and able to testify.


If you suspect your company has been a victim of time theft by one or more of your employees, contact our Phoenix corporate surveillance experts at OPS CIS today. We’ll listen to what you need and let you know how we can help.

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