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As the leading security firm serving the Scottsdale area, OPS Consulting and Investigative Services LLC (OPS CIS) offers a full range of surveillance, countersurveillance, and security and bug sweep services to the Scottsdale area.

Maintaining your personal and digital privacy is increasingly difficult. There are news stories every day about identity theft, hackers infiltrating data systems, and more. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for bad actors to acquire equipment they need to spy on you or your business. Hidden cameras available online are small enough to hide in almost anything. Audio listening devices can be easily concealed inside electronics or other small objects. Eavesdropping microphones can pick up sounds and conversations at ever increasing distances. Add in spyware, network hacking, and email theft, and there is almost no area of your home or company that can’t be accessed.

Unfortunately, older and less sophisticated countersurveillance equipment is often unable to detect newer threats and smaller gadgets. That is why OPS CIS uses cutting-edge and industry-leading equipment to keep you and your data away from prying eyes. Our experienced team at OPS CIS offers numerous investigation options to secure what is important to you.

Surveillance equipment detection and electronic surveillance detection locate surveillance equipment placed in or around your property. Broadband detection and near-field transmission detection can find and locate sources of data being transmitted from your property. Eavesdropping detection will find out if someone is listening in from outside.
Once you find out you are being spied on, you might want to know who is spying on you, and why. Our countersurveillance and debugging operations in the Scottsdale area go beyond if you are being spied on to find out who is spying on you and when. In some cases, we may be able to determine what data the bad actors are looking for, or who, if anyone, is helping them.
While finding equipment being used to spy on you is important, our technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) go one step further to stop invasions of your privacy before they happen.

When you need bug sweeping services or high-end countersurveillance in the Scottsdale area or elsewhere in the Southwest U.S., turn to OPS CIS. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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