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Our background checks are just better.  Do not fall for the cheap, online background check services or other investigators who spend only a few dollars to access data vendors.  OPS spends thousands of dollars on data providers, all so you don’t have to.  Our competitors are only concerned about maximizing profits on each search they do.  At OPS we provide better services, better value, at a better prices then our competitors.  That is why OPS is an industry leader for law firms and individuals in Arizona and nationwide.

Due to various privacy laws everyday citizens cannot access the same level of data a licensed private investigator can.  Our team of skilled professional investigators are versed in the various data privacy laws and what are considered “permissible purposes” under the law to access another person’s sensitive information.  Our job is to make sure that the data we obtain is done lawfully and will not expose our clients to unnecessary liability.  Trust the private investigators at OPS to take the time learn about the unique needs of your case so we can offer you a customized background check package that serves the needs of your legal case or personal situation.

Our standard package background check includes over fifty-five (55) different search categories including national criminal records, sex offender registrations, arrest history, citations, litigation history, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, professional licensing, and more.  We simply outshine our competitors with the amount and quality of information we provide for the price.  Over years of conducting background searches we found that our standard background check package applies to the vast majority of our clients’ situations.  All for one reasonable and affordable price.  Typically, our turnaround time is as fast as one to two business days for these searches, with rush services available.

The private investigators at OPS also offer enhanced background check services depending on your specific needs.  We partner with industry-leading data providers and know where to look for the specialty information you need.  We truly are a one-stop service provider to obtain all of the information you need in one location.  

Not sure if we can find the information you are looking for? Call us today and speak with the OPS team to find out at (623) 263-2900.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we get asked about our background checks:

What comes back in a criminal history search?

Our criminal history background checks can provide you with a detailed report of an individual's criminal record. This can include both misdemeanors and felonies, as well as arrests, convictions, and any pending charges (depending on jurisdiction). We use a variety of methods to conduct these checks, including court records searches, public records searches, and other investigative techniques. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information that can help you make informed decisions about your personal or professional relationships.

I suspect someone may have a history of sexual misconduct; will your searches show that?

Our sex offender registration checks can identify whether an individual is listed on the sex offender registry. This is important information to know, especially when dealing with situations that involve children or vulnerable adults. We can contact various law enforcement agencies to look for prior or active investigations involving the individual.  We use a variety of tools and databases to conduct these checks, and we ensure that our methods are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations

Do your background checks include driving history and traffic tickets? 

Our traffic background checks can provide you with information about an individual's driving record, including traffic violations, accidents, or other incidents. This can be especially important if you're considering hiring someone who will be driving as part of their job responsibilities, or if you're involved in a legal matter that involves driving-related issues. We can provide you with a detailed report of an individual's driving history, including any license suspensions, revocations, or restrictions.  This information can vary by jurisdiction due the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (“DPPA”) and how each U.S. State interprets this law.  However, the team at OPS has the experience to navigate areas such as the DPPA.

At OPS, we pride ourselves on providing customized background checks that are tailored to your specific needs when a standard background check just will not cut it. We understand that every situation is unique, and we work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive investigation plan that delivers the results they need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you with your background check needs.

Our background checks are conducted with the utmost discretion, and we adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the collection and use of personal information.  We stay on the right side of the law, so you and your legal case do!



OPS has located millions of dollars in assets for clients!  On a recent search, OPS was able to successfully identify over $1.4 million (USD) in undisclosed accounts in a highly contested legal matter.  Needless to say, our client was ecstatic as it completely changed the outcome of their case.  We know how and where to look for these hidden accounts!


Our asset searches are designed to uncover various types of assets from a variety of sources including real estate holdings, corporate affiliations, vehicle ownership, to hidden bank and investment accounts.  Our hidden asset searches have a positive effect for many of our clients and can include:

  • National Bank and Brokerage Account Search: We can discreetly and lawfully obtain information that may otherwise go undiscovered including for both personal and business accounts, whether they are checking and savings accounts, or 
  • Hidden bank accounts: We can investigate an individual's bank accounts to uncover any hidden assets that may have been deposited under false names or using shell companies.
  • Real estate holdings: We can investigate an individual's real estate holdings to uncover any hidden properties that may have been purchased under false names or using shell companies.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to uncover hidden assets, including public records searches, interviews with associates, and forensic accounting methods. Our goal is to provide you with the evidence you need to pursue legal action and recover any assets that may have been wrongfully withheld.



Our social media searches can uncover valuable information about an individual's online presence, including:

  • Inappropriate behavior: We can investigate an individual's social media profiles to identify any posts, comments, or photos that may be considered inappropriate or offensive.
  • Affiliations with controversial groups: We can investigate an individual's social media profiles to identify any affiliations with controversial groups or organizations that may be cause for concern.
  • Risk assessment: We can use an individual's social media activity to conduct a risk assessment, which can help you make informed decisions about potential business or personal relationships.

We use advanced social media research tools and techniques to uncover information that may be difficult to find using traditional investigation methods. Our social media searches are conducted with the utmost discretion, and we adhere to all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the collection and use of personal information.

We hope this additional information helps provide a better understanding of our private investigator services. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or if you'd like to schedule a consultation.  Call us at (623) 263-2900 or fill out the contact form below.

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